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Thursday, August 25, 2011

DiAry OF A CuTe BoY > ePiSoDe 14

IsI HaTi * 
WhEn u sAy sAy tHaT SoMeThIng..
I WaNnA Hold uR HaNd
i wAnNa HoLd uR HaNd..
I WaNnA HoLd uR hAnD !
YeStErDaY AfTeR We HaD BeEn FiNiShEd FoR SolaT AsaR ..
i aNd mUNiRaH WerE GoInO BUy sOmEtHiNG tO tHe caFe 4 bErBuKa pUaSA..
bUt wHeN I'M GoIng dOwNsTaIrS..I saW ThEre'S CrOwDEd WiTh pEoPLE
aNd aMoNG Of tHeM tHerE'S A BoY WaS WAlKInG ArOuNd..
HmM..WhOsE thaT GuYs yA ?
ThAt's yOu lAh !
YoU aRe qEuINg UP At thE CoUNtEr !
MaYbE YoU WANtEd To bUy ThE IcE bLeNdED KoT..
bUt wHen i rEaChEd ThE cOunTer ..
sUdDENlY YoU RAn ToWaRDs thE AsPuRa (MaYbE)..
ThEn i rEALlY 3X mAd bECaUsE tHe qUeUe wAS ToO lONg !..
So, bEcAuSe Of thAt , i dIcIdED To gO 2 THE kOpErasI tO BUy sOmE cHiPs aNd driNkS..
fOr bErBuKa ToO.. i buY A CAn Of gRaSS JeLlY dRInK aNd sOmE CAnDy..
WhIlE I AnD MunIrAh WerE QUeInG uP To pAy fOr thAt tHinGS..
sUdDeNlY U aNd uR' FrIeNdS cAmE AnD PiCkEd Up sOmE THiNg S AnG CuTTiNg uP ThAt jUniOrS Line..WhAt thE **** ..
U qUeUe aFtER MunIrAh !
IT's fUnnY ..
Then I  aNd mUNiRaH WenT tO ThE DS tO PuT Up aLl thE THiNgS..
i saW U aNd uR FRiEnDs SiTtiNg aT THe BrIdGe ! I Feel sCaREd..
So i wenT To thE AsPuRi AnD SAw u aLsO WeNt To the aspUra UsInG ThE sTaIrS !
hAhAhA..i'm fLyInG..
bye !

~To bE CoNtInUeD~

oRiGiNaLLy wRiTten aNd cREatEdBy aInA FyQa !

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