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Thursday, August 25, 2011

DiAry OF A CuTe BoY > ePiSoDe 19

IsI HaTi * 
HeHeHe !
I WaNnA StArT a nEw sTOrY 4 ToDaY..
mY HaNd sEEMs WaNtEd To MoVe oN tHiS dIaRY !
whAt iS ThIs StOrY AbOuT ?
yEs it Is a sToRy aBoUt ToDaY !
eVeRy mOrNiNg wE hAvE A mOrNiNg cAlL aT THe sIdE NeAr aCaDeMiC BlOcK !
wHiLE oNe oF thE bWP WaS DELiVeRiNg HiS SpeEcH..
sUdENlY ***** aSkEd mE..
"aInA,aBaNg tU SukA aWAK Ke ? DaRi taDi Dia AsYiK PaNdAnG AwaK Je !"
YoU WaNnA KnOw WhOsE tHaT gUyS ?
iT'S hIm LArH !
AcTuAlLy i fEEl ShOcKeD wHeN DeEnI asKeD Me aBoUt ThAt qUeStIoN ..
iS It trUe yOu lOOk aT Me ThAt mOrNiNg ?
Or yOu aRe LooKiNg At aNoThEr gIrL ?
i dunNo !
bUt iF It iS A tRuE StOrY ..hMmm
HoW Is mY FeelINg aRgHH ?
HaHaHa..I FeelINg hApPy LArH !
aNd tHe SeCoNd sToRy iS whEn wE haD fINiShEd TaDaRuS PRoGrAmMe aS UsUaL
aT SuRaU !
oN THe wAy to thE cLaSS,MunIrAh ToLd mE ThAt U ShOuT My nAmE AgAiN !
bOt i dOn'T Hear ThAt poN !
mAyBe uR' voIcE Is tOo sLoW AnD CuTe kot !
HeHeHe.. x)
ByE !
tHe fAiRy iS GgOiNg To hEr frIEnD'S HOuse..
See yOu sOon !
WaIt !
ToDaY dUrInG PrEP PeTaNg hE's WEaRiNg BlUe sTripe sHiRt KoT ! i tHiNg HiS FaVOuRitE cOlOuR Is bLue kot !
ArGhH..we hAvE A SaMe iNtEResT..
iT's nOt a pLaNnEd k ..!
ByE !

~tO Be cOnTiNuEd~
OrIgInALlY WrItTEN AnD CreAtEd By : aInA FyQa !

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