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Thursday, August 25, 2011

DiAry OF A CuTe BoY > ePiSoDe 22

IsI HaTi * 
OnE ChIlLy lAsT NiGhT 
WhEn i wAS ON tHe wAy WaLkInG To ThE DS tO  taKe A diNNEr..
I WaS WaLkInG wItH HUSna,HaNis,FatIn,oNg AnD OtHeRs ..
SuDdEnLy Ur gRoUpS cUtTiNg uP OuR LiNeS aNd wAlKiNg sELaMbA 'JeRk'
SlOwLY iN FroNt oF Us ! iS It fUnNy ? NoT RiGhT
aFtEr tHaT i wAnT tO TaKE tHaT FoOd BuT YoU DiDnOT QuEuE Up aT ThE coUntEr ..
MaYbE yOu diD'NT wAnT To eAT ThAt foOd kOT !
So I tAkE ThE fOoD AnD CoNtInue sItTinG At tHe TabLe WiTh OnG !
ThEn i sEE U SiTtINg aT ThE TaBlE WhiLe ChAtTInG WiTh Ur fRiEnDs
5 MiNuTe lAtEr,I See u wAlKinG ThRoUgH gIRlS plaCe gOiNg TowArDs ThE KoPeRasI ..
tHeN aFtER I FiNiShEd eaTiNg,I FOLloweD To thE KoOP ToO 
ThEn i pUt mY BaG On Ur bAg !
I SeE U aLrEaDy QuEuE At tHe CoUnTer tO PaY UR ThiNgS ..
i tAkE aN ApPLE dRiNk InSiDe ThE FRiDgE..
tHEn, I See U AlReAdy pAy ThAt tHingS BuT YoU DiD NoT gOinG OuT ThE KOoP..
yOu jUsT StAy aT THe dOor
I DoN'T KnOw wHAT aRe U WaiTiNg FoR ?
bUt I DoN'T CaRe..
I DoEs'nt MY MaTtER Or wHaT !
oH YeS It's a bEst MoMeNt bEfOrE I'vE dREaM At the CuBe..
ByE !

~tO Be COnTiNuEd~
OrIgInAlLy WrItTEn aNd cREaTeD bY : aINA fYqA ! 

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